Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Japan Quake Sends Shock Waves Throughout the Pacific Rim: Family Threatened

Chicano Family Picture
Rolly (Joyce) and family suffer from repercussions of the Japan earthquake. The recent catastrophe sends shock waves throughout the Pacific Rim as Bunay is stricken ill, and remains incapacitated in a Tokyo hospital. Bunay’s invalid condition causes concern in the Olongapo community.  The proprietor of an Olongapo City beauty salon, Bunay’s iconic status seemingly changes into one of martyrdom.  Their most reliable life line for survival begins to wane as one of the world’s most stable economies faces the aftermath of the worst tragedy in over sixty years.  A month has elapsed since the Chicano family last received aid from eldest sibling, Bunay.  Family members pool together limited resources to come to aide of Joyce’s ailing mother.   Joyce summons the assistance from a list of online contacts.  Via online messenger, Joyce simultaneously presses the keyboards control and G keys triggering a buzzing sound signifying a cry for help.   Discouraged, Joyce leaves the status, “I hate this world,” visible for everyone to see but  few online contacts offer assistance.

Problems mount exponentially. Past-due utility bills build. Joyce struggles to maintain contact with loved ones abroad as shut-off deadlines soon approach.  Joyce discovers black & blue marks scattered throughout the posterior of her silicon-implant-enhanced breasts.  Questions arise of the epistemology of Bunay and Joyce’s present condition.  Every opportunity comes at a premium.  Has the immortal aestheticism they strived for belied them?  Are they paying price in exchange for what they easily attained through the allure of beauty?

Joyce puts everything into perspective, pondering the future.  Twenty-six-year-old Joyce lingers muddled in self-doubt, fearing she may have reached the September Song of her illustrious career on the Philippine pageant circuit. After contemplating putting an end to her life, Joyce’s suicidal thoughts turn life affirming. Despite health concerns, Joyce begins to see what may be the twilight of his beauty-queen career not as an end, but start of a new career; potentially, past appearances in nationally-televised pageants such as the Amazing Philippine Beauties Pageant  render Joyce a ringing endorsement for various products in the Philippines thriving cosmetics industry. 

Surprisingly, much akin to professional sports in the west, the international pageant circuit receives much publicity from Philippine mainstream media and a cross section of society.  Texts with virtually real-time pageant updates flow across television screens during regularly- scheduled programing to keep viewers informed on recent developments of contestants such as 2010 Miss Universe contestant Venus Raj.   Joyce's local sports-star-like status as an Amazing Philippines Beauties contestant  may become invaluable asset in her future endeavors in the beauty and fashion industry.             

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